Lodgings "Les Osiers"
Camp-site "Les Osiers"

Hiring Canoe-Kayak

Welcome in the Gorges of the Tarn in Lozere...

In Lozere, in the heart of the Gorges of the Tarn and the doors of the Nationnal Park of the Cevennes, we propose to you to the hiring of 3 rural lodgings counsel 2 and 3 ears by "Lodgings of France", a camp-site classified 2 stars located in edge of river with hiring of mobil-home, caravans, and the hiring of canoe kayak.

Village of St Chely of the Tarn
The Gorges of the Tarn are a vast canyon of 50 Kms length which was dug with the wire of the centuries by the Tarn.
Deep from approximately 400 M, they separate the Méjean Causse from the Sauveterre Causse, high plateaus limestone located at 1000 M of altitude.
Gorges of the Tarn...
You there will discover an imposing landscape and will have the possibility of practising many activities: bathe, pedestrian and equestrian excursion, vtt, canoe-kayak, gliding...
Gorges of the Tarn
in boat...
Lodgings "Les Osiers"
Mr Monteils Jacques
La Chadenède
48 210 Ste Enimie


Mail : s.monteils@free.fr

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